Night in the Woods coming to PS4

Night in the Woods coming to PS4 1

Indie games seem to be taking over the PlayStation platform, today you can add another one to that list. Night in the Woods will be coming to the PS4 carrying with it all the angst of youth. Sony has been a strong advocate for the indie titles, eclipsing the Microsoft offering. If you don’t know what Night in the Woods is, it is a story of letting go and living your life as a young adult. It is a game about the inevitability of death told though a colorful animal filed design style.

The creators sum up the game best, with your post on the PlayStation Blog:

Night In The Woods is a story about letting go and holding on. We wanted to create something that got into some ideas that were kicking around in our heads, themes that hopefully resonate with a lot of people. We wanted to create characters people could identify with and the kind of town a lot of people are from, but with more talking animal people. Most towns don’t have more than a few talking animal people probably. If yours does, please get in touch.

Have a look at the trailer and let us know what you think and if you are excited for all the games hitting the PS4.\


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