Nintendo Announces New Articles of Incorporation

Nintendo Announces New Articles of Incorporation 3

With humble beginnings as a hanafuda cards company, Nintendo has a history of producing more than just video games. While they’ve entered a variety of businesses with a vast catalogue of products, it looks like Nintendo wants to wear a few more hats. Trying out a few different ventures like… restaurants?

Nintendo announced today new Articles of Incorporation where they outlined prospective ventures into diversifying and setting up new businesses. While there are no clean-cut details as to what exactly they want to get into, the new businesses include IP licensing, investments and management into restaurants, “computer software”, and medical devices.

Nintendo actually has a vast history with the health and wellness sector. With titles like Wii Fit, its sequel, Wii Fit Plus, and Wii Fit U being best sellers, Nintendo truly dominates in the “fitness” genre of games. While unfortunately, the Wii Vitality Sensor announced at E3 2009 was never released, it’ll be interesting to see what Nintendo does next in the medical industry.

Nintendo Announces New Articles Of Incorporation 1

What may be more intriguing, however, is the curious choice to start licensing IPs. In the past, Nintendo has been very closed doors and tight knit regarding their IPs, only recently expanding their licensing opportunities. With smartphone games like Miitomo and Pokemon Shuffle already out and existing, it seems Nintendo is embracing the positives that come with licensing their IPs. This might also expand into restaurants, as they’ve outlined in the document as well.

Nintendo has also recently been in talks to make animated movies. Whether or not that will be the result of IP licensing (or come from an in-house studio) is yet to be revealed, but it goes to show that Nintendo is finally opening up.

The articles are scheduled to go into effect on June 29th.

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