Kimishima Outlines the Future of Nintendo

Nintendo held an Investor Q&A where they went over key businesses plans for Nintendo and how these plans will shape the future of the company. With the answers, Nintendo gave a clear picture of the future of Nintendo and how the new president will reshape the company for the new markets.

In the Q&A, investors went over everything from the mobile plans for Nintendo, the plans of the NX and how it will fit into their business strategy, to how Nintendo will reshape itself to be a more profitable stable organization.

One notable thing is how Kimishima Tatsumi, the new president of Nintendo, outlines the plans for mobile development and how it will link with console development. With Kimishima outlining that “there are no limits on usage of IP for smart devices” and following up with “We must consider how to make and time console and smart devices in order to achieve synergy” Nintendo is clearly outlining that the mobile and the console will need to work together to leverage the Nintendo brand.

Sadly Kimishima was not willing to talk about the NX in the Q&A. When asked, he stated that “We have no plans to talk about the NX today” further going into that their current consoles, the 3DS, Wii U with the addition of the NX, will be the focus of the plans for this financial year.

Kimishima, when pressed about balancing Nintendo’s profits, outlines the new plans for Nintendo and how they will balance over time. He cites the “NX Business” and “Smart Devices Business” as parts that are firmly on track and will see profits for Nintendo.

It also seems this current fiscal year is all about the 3DS and the Nintendo Wii U. With Kimishima outlining the sales of the 3DS in Japan and worldwide as a major key for Nintendo’s year but also citing games like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker as titles that received acclaim. Citing that “the next fiscal year  I  also want to put out a title, that will also earn favorable reception.”

Wrapping things up, Kimishima outlines that Nintendo wants to not only attract female fans in Japan but globally as well. He outlines that they want to not only bring in fans that love Nintendo and Nintendo IP’s but bring in players that may know Nintendo but are currently not playing. Nintendo also wants to push female-centric advertising as has been done in the past within France and Spain that has had noticeable returns.

Overall Nintendo seems to be sticking with the course they have planned. The move to mobile has some real promise, as does the NX. But with many of those titles a little ways off, this move to strengthen the 3DS and Wii U fan-base sounds like a solid one. Not only does it build confidence in the brand and consoles they own, but helps to establish Nintendo to people who may not know them. It has yet to be seen how this plan will play out, but it is clear Kimishima has a direction for Nintendo that looks to bring back the Big N.

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