Nintendo profits down despite strong 3DS sales

| April 25, 2011
Nintendo profits down despite strong 3DS sales

The declining popularity of the Wii is reflected in Nintendo’s latest fiscal report.

It would seem that the Wii 2 announcement couldn’t come at a better time for Nintendo. On the same day that Nintendo confirmed its next console, the company also released its financial report for the year that ended on March 31st, and while the 3DS is selling well – the new handheld has already moved 3.61 million units – Nintendo’s Operating Income is down an astounding 52% thanks to the declining hardware sales for the DS and the Wii.

Nintendo is still safely in the black, but net income is also down 66% so it’s clear that their current console is nearing the end of its life cycle. That’s probably why we’re getting a new one at E3, although I don’t know how much it will help if they don’t have the software to back it up. After a month of the 3DS, I’m a bit fed up with gimmicky hardware.

If you’re fluent in finance, the PDF is here. I’m not quite sure what all the figures mean, but I do know that it’s not good when the numbers are going down.

via Kotaku

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