Obsidian’s Upcoming RPG Tyranny gets November Release Date

| Oct 13, 2016
Obsidian's Upcoming RPG Tyranny gets November Release Date

Obsidian Entertainment, the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol, and 2015’s phenomenal Pillars of Eternity, has certainly found its niche amongst fans of deep, story driven RPGs. But Obsidian has been keeping things pretty quiet regarding their upcoming release Tyranny, save for a few story details here and there. Good news for players, however, is this baby’s coming out November 10th 2016. I’m a little excited.

What we know so far is pretty sparse. We have an isometric role-playing game set in a world where the bad guy has already won. The world has succumb to the rule of a power-hungry warlord, and you have to work for the guy. As a young Fatebinder conscripted into said monarch’s service, charged with the task of upholding his laws. It seems that you’ll be afforded some degree of freedom as you are instructed to do as you see fit.

Players have some options in how they want to purchase Tyranny as well, with three different versions to choose from. For about $45 they can pick up the Commander Edition, which will include the base game, some choice forum icons, a few forum avatars, and ringtones. Kick that up to 60 bucks and players net themselves the Archon Edition, which sweetens the deal with the inclusion of a digital map, a collection of short stories (also digital), signed wallpapers, the soundtrack, more forum avatars, and a coat of arms. Finally, paying 80 gets players the Overlord Edition, with all the previous goodies plus an artbook and guidebook.

Tyranny was announced earlier in 2016 at GDC. As they have for their previous gamePillars of Eternity, Obsidian Entertainment is partnering with Paradox Interactive to put this out. If you’ve ever wanted to be a fantasy cop to a dark regime, the time is coming on November 10th.

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