Old lovers return and same-sex relationships blossom in Mass Effect 3

| May 16, 2011

You might regret some of your past relationships in Mass Effect 3.

The relationships in Mass Effect 3 might as awkward as a real-life introduction with your ex and your current flame. Executive Producer Casey Hudson says that while there will be no new love interests in Mass Effect 3, the game will focus on the player’s relationships from past games and the various characters will take note of any romantic indiscretions. If you cheated on your love interest from Mass Effect 1 with a character in Mass Effect 2, you might have to suffer through a few uncomfortable moments aboard the Normandy.

“This is more about how you, if you’re a new player, how you start these romances with the existing characters,” said Hudson. “If you’ve had relationships with previous characters, then it’s your opportunity to resolve those. And again, it’s in the context of a ‘World War II’-type setting, so you don’t really know if you’re going to survive, or what kind of a world is going to live beyond the story. So it’s kind of that situation.”

“We’re not introducing any new characters that are going to be love interests. There’s some new characters, but generally it’s going to be the interplay between the characters from 2 and the returning ones from 1,” he continued.

Even though there are no new romantic characters, there will still be a few new relationship choices in the final chapter. Hudson took to twitter to announce that Mass Effect 3 will let both male and female Shepards engage in same-sex relationships, an option that has been notably absent in the Mass Effect series considering that the possibilities exist in Bioware’s Dragon Age franchise. It could make the love triangles even more complicated, but it’s nonetheless a welcome nod to diversity for the finale.

Source: PC Gamer

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