OnePlus 10 Pro Arriving Globally by March with OS Updates and Foldable Phones Tease

New OnePlus Coming to North America

OnePlus 10 Pro Arriving Globally by March with OS Updates and Foldable Phones Tease

The OnePlus 10 Pro release date has officially been announced for North America and the United Kingdom with updated details on the phone’s operating system.

The Chinese electronics manufacturer, OnePlus, has already released their latest OnePlus 10 Pro in China. But now, they have officially announced the phone will be released in North American and United Kingdom markets by March 2022. The latest update from a roundtable discussion explained the phone’s operating system, Oxygen OS, would not be going anywhere, rather it has been reworked.

Many fans of the OnePlus phones may have remembered the last OS, Oxygen OS 12 was lacking—but the CEO, Pete Lau, Oppo vice president, Chris Shu and Oxygen OS/Color OS lead, Gary Chen, all reassured that they have been working to develop a better OS with Oxygen OS 13. With the recent merger of OnePlus and Oppo, it was expected that there would be a collaborative new OS, but they said this was not the case.

Last September, Chen referred to a “unified operating system” but this was not the case based on the latest discussion. The company indicated they want to improve on the Oxygen OS, which is minimalistic and Google-focused versus the Color OS that had a lot of duplicate apps and bloatware. This would also be an important move for OnePlus appealing to North American consumers who are more familiar with the Google UI.

Oneplus 10 Pro Arriving Globally By March With Os Updates And Foldable Phones Tease 2
OnePlus 10 Pro

Chen shared, “With Oxygen OS 13, we want to deliver an experience that longtime OnePlus users will be more familiar with…the Google team, including the Android team, will also co-create with OnePlus in the following months to make sure Oxygen OS 13 meets our standards.” The company also announced it would like to push into new markets this year, such as Mexico and Latin America. The phone’s rollout is planned to have Oxygen OS 12.1.

One of the last interesting details from the roundtable discussions on their phone’s international release of their new phone was the topic of working on a foldable phone. The rumoured planned release would be either by the end of 2022 or near the beginning of 2023.

There have also been talks about a 150-watt fast charging phone that could potentially hit the markets in the second quarter of 2022. The possibility of OnePlus creating a foldable phone arose due to Oppo’s foldable phone Find N that came out in late 2021. Overall, the team appeared to be making some vital changes to break barriers in various consumer regions and more details would be revealed closer to launch.

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