Original Character Qhira Comes To Heroes Of The Storm

| July 29, 2019
Original Character Qhira Comes To Heroes Of The Storm 1

Qhira, a deadly Iresian Bounty Hunter, has arrived from the Nexus realm of Iresia and into the fray of Heroes of the Storm.

A versatile and dangerous Melee Assassin, Qhira is armed with a deadly Iresian Chainblade which helps ensure that she always collects her bounties. She’s the second original character to become playable and is described as having great initiation and disengage potential. She is live today in the Public Test Realm, and you can take a look at her abilities below:

YouTube video

There’s also a major overhaul coming for ranked play, which is, once again, live in the PTR. This update brings much-requested features such as Ranked Points being directly mapped to a player’s Storm League MMR, a reduction in the number of Placement Matches, and a new Ranked Seasonal Questline.

In spite of the slowing down of updates and cutting off the eSports league, Blizzard has remained committed to supporting Heroes of the Storm into the foreseeable future. With some “heavy-hitting” characters planned down the line, we’ll have to wait and see just how much mileage is left in this game.

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