Ouya Now The Same Price As Gran Turismo 6

| Dec 20, 2013
Ouya Now The Same Price As Gran Turismo 6 1

It’s holiday season, and the makers of the Ouya really want you to buy their console. The creators of the device have released a coupon code (enter calamity at their site), slashing the original price of the Ouya from $99.99 to $59.99.  The code is in celebration of the new Ouya game, Killing Floor: Calamity.

While initially receiving positive feedback for its Android open-platform design, the Ouya has come under scrutiny for its poorly made controllers and lack of quality titles (though we love Towerfall here at CGM). The company also recently announced that Ouya would be coming to Target.

Whether or not this price drop will increase sales remains to be seen. We here at CGMagazine have an Ouya, and are sad to say, it doesn’t get much play time.

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