How to Play Overwatch 2 Open Beta

No Release Data For The Full Game Yet

Overwatch 2 Beta Is Now Available To Play, Here's How To Get Started

Today is the start of the Overwatch 2 public beta, and Blizzard Entertainment has given all the relevant information to players.

In a news post yesterday, the developer provided an outline of what we can expect, saying that “selected players” who opted-in for the beta will be getting invites starting today at 2:00 pm ET/11 am PT. There will be more invitations sent out as the beta test progresses, which ends on May 17. You can opt in for the Overwatch 2 open beta on their site.

If players want to get in on the beta, they will need to have Overwatch installed on their PC, as it’s the only platform currently running the beta. If a player receives a beta invite but doesn’t own the first Overwatch, the game can simply be downloaded as a free trial, but only during the beta period.

Blizzard’s post also mentioned that access to the beta can be gained via drops on Twitch, as those watching people play it at certain times can get access to it. A full list of streamers was provided in the blog post. There are also more betas planned for Overwatch 2, but Blizzard hasn’t specified when they will take place just yet. However, the studio assured console owners that they would be included in future tests.

Blizzard also said players can “expect the game to evolve and refine significantly before launch,” which probably means that any progress players make during the beta will, unfortunately, not be carried over to the full game when it releases. Previously, in March, the studio announced that the co-op PvP modes in Overwatch 2 will be released separately, so they can have the completed multiplayer experience available a bit earlier.

As for the series’ sales, it has done very well. Overwatch has brought in over $1 billion dollars for Blizzard, making it the studio’s best-selling game with over 50 million copies sold. Its sequel was first teased back in 2019 and was fully revealed at Blizzcon in the same year. Since then, news has been slowly trickling in other than a 3D model of Baptiste being shown at last year’s Game Awards. Hopefully, for the fans’ sake, this beta will be the start of more updates, so they can get back to winning with Tracer.

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