Paintball Arena VR Arena Shooter Snapshot VR hits Early Access in August

Paintball Arena VR Arena Shooter Snapshot VR hits Early Access in August

VR games tend to be slower-paced, mainly when they are first-person shooters. Thankfully, those looking to experience something a bit faster can look forward to the Giant Scam industries’ latest project, Snapshot VR.

Snapshot VR is an arena shooter set in the immersive world of virtual reality that promises to bring the fast and frenetic world of professional-level paintballing to a computer near you.

Featuring teams upwards of 5on5, Snapshot VR matches average out at 45 seconds, meaning speed fiends with an itchy trigger finger or those used to actual paintball will enjoy their time in the frenzy filled arenas of Snapshot VR.

For those not familiar with paintball, the term Snapshot originates from Snap Shooting or an essential skill associated with real-life paintballing which refers to being able to quickly and efficiently fire from cover. In other words, Snapshot VR strives in recreating the adrenaline-filled fun associated with real-life paintballing, minus all the cleanup and prep work. 

To really sell the authentic feel of paintballing, Snapshot VR will feature officially licensed venues from the National Xball League or NXL. Additionally, players will be able to craft their own maps using the included 2D paintball field creator. 

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“We are super excited for players to play Snapshot VR and experience what we’ve been working so hard on,” said Jesse Keogh, Founder and Lead Engineer at Giant Scam (with a decade of experience in competitive paintball as both a player and coach). “We wanted to make a game that truly feels like playing paintball — fast-paced rounds, one-shot kills, rapid-fire projectiles, no respawns — but isn’t subject to some of the limitations of the real-life sport.”

A breakdown of key features via the official press release can be viewed down below: 

  • Inspired by Professional Paintball: Snapshot VR brings the blistering speed, battlefield tactics, and intense, team-based combat of the real thing into a virtual arena with maps and gameplay inspired by real-life tournaments—with a hefty dose of neo-futurism!
  • Planning and Communication Ensure Victory: With only a short window to plan and execute, communication, teamwork, and adaptation are the keys to victory
  • One shot, One kill: No respawns, no armor, no airstrikes. In competitive play with teams of up to five, eliminate the other team or hit their buzzer to win the round, win 5 rounds to claim the match
  • Stats for Days: Competitive sports are nothing without analytics, and Snapshot VR features deep stat-tracking and heat maps that allow for thorough post-match analysis and strategic planning
  • Move How You Want to Move: Three different VR locomotive options allow you to move your avatar effectively in a manner that suits your preferred style
  •    Looking Cool IS Important: With customizable avatars and a bevvy of cosmetic options, you can make your virtual competitor look as badass as you feel when nailing your opponent in the face from across the field.

Snapshot VR will be available on Steam early access on Steam and Viveport this coming August. 

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