Paradox Interactive Acquires Iceflake Studios

Paradox Interactive Acquires Iceflake Studios

Publisher Paradox Interactive has taken over Iceflake Studios, while both teams decided to connect based on their similar approaches to making strategy games.

In a release, Paradox wanted to continue building their strategy games with Iceflake, who are on their way to releasing Surviving the Aftermath in an official launch. The game is also Iceflake Studios’ latest game release, following the Finland-based team’s previous work on Ice Lakes, Race Arcade and Premium Pool Arena. According to Iceflake co-founder Lasse Liljedahl, the new acquisition came from a suggestion to become a family.

“We were thrilled,” Liljedahl said, adding the developers and publishers had worked in the same mindsets. “It did not hurt that we were fans of Paradox games ourselves, to begin with! This new step helps us to focus on our dream of becoming one of the best developers in the game genres we love so much.”

Paradox is known for their presence for PC gamers, while games such as Age of Wonders: Planetfall, Cities: Skylines, BattleTech, Europa Universalis Series and Hearts of Iron Series all maintained a status quo for management-based strategy. The acquisition of Iceflake also suggests more survival-based management games could be on the way, while a sequel to any of their hit franchises could raise the stakes for players.

“The collaborative efforts we’ve shared thus far with Iceflake have given us all the confidence that this is a natural fit,” Paradox COO Charlotta Nilsson said. “Iceflake has shown themselves to be the kind of partner who can help us create more titles in our core genres. Turning this relationship into a long-term partnership is an easy decision, and we’re eager to share more great games with our audience in the years to come.”

Iceflake will become a part of Paradox, who share their own developement studios across Sweden, California, The Netherlands, Barcelona and Paris.

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