New Puzzler Triversal Comes to Steam This July From Developer Phantom Compass

Get Ready to Relax as Phantom Compass Brings Triversal to Steam This July

St Catharines based game developer, Phantom Compass, is bringing their relaxing and stunning puzzle game, Triversal, to steam July 13.

The simple but addictive puzzle game tasks players with needing to “place a luminous orb over a black hole by connecting it to stretchy tethers.” An easy task on paper, but in Triversal gamers will need to use their puzzle solving skills and spatial logic to tackle the task. As things progress, the game will slowly ramp up the difficulty, pushing the player with new and more complex levels. As any good puzzle game does, Triversal will let players earn rewards and new tools to tackle the challenges.

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“We designed Triversal to be a chill pick up n’ play puzzle game,” said  Tony Walsh, Company Director, Phantom Compass. “It’s a relaxing but challenging experience that doesn’t require a huge time commitment and can be played on the go or in between tasks, but still contains a level of depth and polish that make it stand out from the crowd.”

From the what we see through screenshots and the trailer, this is looking to be a fun and rewarding puzzle game, and one fans of the genre should check out. See the full list of features gamers can expect from the game below:

  • A Relaxing Challenge: Triversal is the perfect game to stimulate the mind without overwhelming it, providing a fun challenge wrapped in a soothing, colourful package
  • Play How You Want to Play: Triversal can be played with full-controller support, mouse, + keyboard (with Streamer Assist enabled), touch, and is also compatible with remote play on TV, phone, or tablet
  • Elegant Simplicity: Tether the glowing orb to the colourful shape, ensure it lands in the correct spot, and move on to the next level! A simple concept with surprising depth, Triversal offers a perfect balance for people seeking an engaging experience that isn’t overly complex
  • Multiple Modes: Puzzle Pack, Daily Puzzle, Endurance, and Sandbox modes allow players to dictate exactly what kind of experience they prefer
  • Need a Hand?: There’s nothing more embarrassing than streaming a game and getting stuck, so Phantom Compass has added the “Streamer Assist feature”, an optional overlay that adds numbered labels to the puzzles, allowing viewers to play along in chat by suggesting solutions.

If you love a good puzzler, you wont have long to wait for Triversal, with Phantom Compass releasing the game for PC via steam on July 13, 2021 for $11.99. For anyone that can’t wait, there is a Steam play test running until May 31st, giving gamers a chance to try Triversal for free.

To stay up to date on all things Triversal and Phantom Compass by following them on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates and news!

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