Pierce Brosnan Joins the Cast of Black Adam

Pierce Brosnan Joins the Cast of Black Adam 2

Pierce Brosnan is finally dipping his toes into the superhero pool as Doctor Fate in the upcoming DC hero movie, Black Adam.

Brosnan will star opposite Dwayne Johnson who has already been cast as the film’s titular anti-hero. Obviously known best for his Bond roles, it will be a sight to see, watching him wield magic in the DCEU.

Doctor Fate, which is the alias of Kent Nelson, is, “a powerful sorcerer and agent for the Lords of Order who fights evil alongside his wife Inza. His amulet, cloak and helmet are creations of the ancient Nabu who acts as his mentor and spiritual guide.” Seeing the former Bond in blue and yellow tights, with a magic helmet and cloak is something I’m truly looking forward to. Brosnan’s range will no doubt bring the character to life.

Black Adam'S Dr Fate
Black Adam’s Dr Fate

The plot to Black Adam is unknown at the moment, but the film is a spin off from Shazam and will center around the anti-hero Black Adam, played by Johnson. A few of the other cast members had been announced, popular Netflix star Noah Centineo will play super strong hero, Atom Smasher, and Sarah Shahi from Chicago Fire will play Egyptian Goddess and Superhero, Isis. 

For those who don’t know The Justice Society, here is a little background. “In 1938, the Golden Age of DC Super Heroes began. Various people of incredible ability, talent and will donned strange costumes and uniforms to fight criminals, spies and bizarre menaces. In 1940, circumstances led eight of these Golden Age heroes to combine forces against Hitler and the Axis Powers. After this first team-up, they decided to regularly meet and support each other as the Justice Society of America, history’s first team of superheroes.”

With big names like Pierce Brosnan and Dwayne Johnson backing the project there is hope to be had for the DCEU film. Filming is projected to begin next month and hopefully with that comes more details about Black Adam.

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