PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds Sells One Million Copies

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds Sells One Million Copies 1

Bluehole Inc. announced today that their early access title PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sold one million copies.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released on Steam Early Access 16 days ago and remained as Steam’s number one seller for the duration of over two weeks. The game has remained in the top three concurrent user count on steam, reaching over 89 thousand simultaneous active players at one time. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has been just as popular with streamers as well. On Twitch, the game reaches over 150 thousand concurrent viewers watching more than two thousand different streamers every day. Since launch, PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds has been featured on more than 39 thousand streams for a total of over 5 million minutes streamed. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is still being developed and is planned to be in Early Access for no more than six months.

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is a massive multiplayer survival game developed for PC. The game was pioneered by Bluehole’s Creative Director Brendan Green (known as PlayerUnkown). After creating the Battle Royale game mode on the ARMA series, Green went on to license his game-mode to Daybreak Games for it to be added into their title, H1Z1. PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds is Brendan Green’s own version of the game-mode, created with the feedback and suggestions made by the community looking forward to the game’s release. During the Early Access, players are able to play custom games on private servers. This feature is to be further expanded on once the core system of the game is completely stable. Players are also encouraged to create their own content by modding the game with the full use of PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds’ assets available working with the Unreal Engine devkit.

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