Playstation trailer hints at PS4 unveil for Feb.20

Playstation trailer hints at PS4 unveil for Feb.20

After a conundrum of next-gen console rumours and hints, PlayStation has finally (maybe) made the first move. 

 ‘See the future’ was the tagline for PlayStations cryptic trailer, sending minds wheeling on the possible unveiling of the PS4 for Feb. 20. Following the message viewers could choose to follow PlayStation’s ‘be the first to know’ link, and discover the grand reveal will at 6 p.m. ET in New York.

Invites to the event have been piling up for investors and industry professionals, making it clear Sony has some big news. Polygon and The Wall Street Journal have both reported sources confirming the unveiling of the PS4, and ready to buy for the holidays. There’s also speculation that Microsoft will hold on to its next-gen release until spring, and let Sony take the lead for now. However, it’s still important to question if the PS4 is what’s to come this month, as there are some factors as to why it might not.

The PS4 release just seems way too early.

PlayStation only just put out the PS3 Super Slim this September, along with a God of War Legacy Bundle with six of the games and a red PS3 for this March. With Fridays announcement looming over consumer’s heads, it’s hard to see a lot of people buying a PS3 in the meantime. If the next gen console is announced on Feb. 20, this may hurt the sales for the God of War Bundle and PS3. Whether or not this is enough reason for Sony to wait is up for debate, as Sony does have a good reputation for selling last generation consoles alongside the new. The PS2 only just stopped production in January, and up until that point it still sold well.

Also to take into consideration is the remark that Kazuo Hirai, Sony CEO, made that stirred rumours about ‘letting Microsoft make the first move’. It would appear the comment had little to no value to it, and was probably just trash talk.

With talk going around, there is a high chance we will see the unveiling of the PS4, or at least it certainly won’t surprise anyone. It’s also safe to say that Sony isn’t going to ruin all the fun by giving too many details. But the trailer does heavily imply a console is on the way, with the dualshock controller symbols and the ominous ‘see the future’ tagline. Put the pieces together and the PS4 is sort of the future of Sony.

For those planning on getting the PS4, saving your pennies and taking on some extra shifts wouldn’t hurt, as it looks like there’s a very good chance we’ll have consoles on our hands soon.

Do you think the PS4 is PlayStation’s big announcement? If you don’t let us know in the comments below.

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