Abandoned PlayStation YouTube Channel Provides a Window to the Past

| Nov 22, 2021
Abandoned PlayStation YouTube Channel Provides a Window to the Past

A Resetera user recently posted about a long-abandoned PlayStation YouTube channel, which provides a fun little window into a past era of gaming.

The channel in question is sceablog, which the description reads is the official channel for PlayStation.Blog. The official channel was apparently just straight-up abandoned eight years ago, even though the PlayStation Blog still very much exists.

The last video posted by the channel is an interview with directors Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley on the different infected types in The Last of Us. It’d be fascinating to find out why the channel was put to rest after this, especially since the of the would have been right around the corner.

Digging through the archives of the channel reveals plenty of other interesting tidbits as well. One of my personal favorites is the playlist with a variety of video updates for PlayStation Home, Sony’s mostly failed virtual platform that was officially closed in 2015. There are also a ton of different trailers and feature videos on the PlayStation Vita, which is incredibly fun.

If you look all the way back, the very first video on the channel is a time-lapse of the setup for 2007’s Gamers Day, something I didn’t even know existed until finding the video. It’s hard to find info about this “Gamers Day,” but it was apparently held at Sony’s Motion Capture Studio in San Diego. The event seems to have been an early incarnation of what would become the PlayStation Experience fan event.

There are hundreds of videos on the sceablog channel, with some of the other highlights including a PS3 commercial, interviews from Judges Day, plenty of developer Q&As, and even a video message from Kaz Hirai on PlayStation Network coming back after the infamous outage and hacking attempt.

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