Free-to-Start Pokémon Unite Available Now on Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Unite Launching on July 21st for Nintendo Switch 1

Pokémon Unite is now available on Nintendo Switch, with an upcoming release also pending for mobile devices. It will feature cross-platform play with the mobile versions as well.

Pokémon Unite has 5-on-5 team battles where players cooperate with teammates to defeat wild Pokémon. There’s no reason not to try it either because it’s free to start with optional purchases.

The strategic team battle game has a trailer that was uploaded to the official YouTube channel (also featured below) that shows features and what players should expect from the game.

YouTube video

The trailer itself is what we’ve come to expect from Nintendo. Everyone in the trailer has their life together, and they love every second of their Nintendo video game with their Nintendo video game friends. We see that Snorlax and Gengar are in Pokémon Unite, and they’re some of the coolest Pokémon, so this game already kind of rules.

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch or would just prefer a truly pocket-sized version, the mobile release is scheduled for September 2021.

The game features a season battle pass with “many rewards, ranging from in-game currency to Holowear” according to a press release. Pokémon Unite will also have daily and weekly missions with rewards, which sounds like the usual model we’ve come to see with games like Fortnite and Warzone. One of the rewards in the premium pass is a Holowear Hip-Hop Style Pikachu, which sounds amazing and is making me want to try the game out for a season.

Another thing to note, if you try the game out on Switch and decide you’d prefer to play it on mobile, you can access your account and progress by logging in on any supporting device. All the details are on the official Pokémon Unite website.

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