PS4 unlocks a 7th core

| Nov 27, 2015
PS4 unlocks a 7th core

Sony has quietly announced an update to their SDK allowing developers to access a 7


core in PS4’s hardware.

A post-mortem report by Guerilla Games posted on NeoGaf by user [email protected], while mostly a lot of technological mumbo-jumbo, it basically details that six of the system’s eight CPUs were used (two being reserved for the OS). Apparently, in a changelog for an update to FMOD, a popular gaming audio middleware, a detail highlighting access to the “newly unlocked” seventh core was included.

While it’s too early to say how this might affect PS4 games in the near future, or how this might affect some of the more ambitious titles like Horizon; to think that the PS4 has gotten a bit powerful certainly means an exciting future for games on the console.

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