Rumour: PS4K Details Leaked

PS4K Details Leaked on NeoGAF

Alleged details about the PS4K have just surfaced on NeoGAF from verified user, OsirisBlack.

According to him, he waited on posting these facts until he had them confirmed in a meeting, with whom or how valid any of this is, and is debatable.

Osiris says that the PS4K will feature a GPU that is twice as powerful and smaller than the current one. A new CPU seems to be in discussion, which may push the price of the console to $499.99 instead of the $399.99 that they would like. According to the post, it isn’t clear whether or not they will go with a new CPU but he says that the PS4K won’t cost more than $499.99 and as of yet, there are no trade in deals for the current PS4 to the upgrade.

The PS4K is also said to come with a 4k Blu ray player and that it will upscale games that aren’t natively 4k.

Osiris says clearly that dev kits for the new console are already in the hands of developers and that new games can cater towards the PS4K but still be playable on standard console with “considerable sacrifices made to performance.”

Current games will not get a performance boost if played on the PS4K either but that does not mean that developers couldn’t patch in support after the fact.

Osiris was given a list of titles that would be building off of the PS4K’s upgraded specs, he didn’t post all of them, just some highlights.

For the PSVR he mentions: EVE Valkyrie, Robinson, GT Sport and for the PS4K he mentions: Deep Down and GOW4. (He clarifies that the acronym is exactly as written and assumes it means God of War 4.)

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