Québec Indie Devs Cooperate on a Massive Scale

| April 5, 2016
Québec Indie Devs Cooperate on a Massive Scale 1

Today, Quebec is now home to the largest independent games developer cooperative with over 75 independent studios within the French province.

La Guilde des développeurs de jeux vidéo indépendants du Québec, or La Guilde for short, is the result five years worth of a massive growth within the independent games scene.

“The number of independent video game studios in Quebec has quadrupled,” highlights Louis-Félix Cauchon, president of La Guilde. “The main goal of La Guilde is to give to Quebec’s independent studios a strong and united voice, and ultimately support them in the creation of collective wealth.”

Being responsible either directly or indirectly for the creation of over 600 jobs, these independent studios are bringing a lot of business into Québec.

The cooperative has worked with Jean-Aussant and Chantier de l’économie to produce a code of values to create a stronger cooperative by including things such as voluntary and open membership.

With La Guilde, this looks to be a positive movement for the independent games developers working in Québec.

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