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Ubisoft Releasing O.zen To Canada 1

Ubisoft Releasing O.zen To Canada

While Ubisoft is usually noteworthy for the classic gaming franchises they make (Assassins Creed, Prince of Persia, Rayman, among others), this time they are in

CGM @ Anime North 1

CGM @ Anime North

We take an express tour of Anime North 2016, Canada’s largest anime convention.

Kona Comes to Mac and Linux

Kona Comes to Mac and Linux

The frigid Canadian investigative tale, Kona will be receiving Mac and Linux support starting today.

N++ (PS4) Review 7

N++ (PS4) Review

N++ is a 2-dimensional physics-based platformer for the PlayStation 4 that has you take on the role of a small ninja. You find yourself locked

We Stand On Guard 8

We Stand On Guard

Oh Canada, we are a nation of stereotypes. The American media mocks every aspect of our culture, from the patterns of our speech to our

WIFT-T and Ubisoft Mentorship

WIFT-T and Ubisoft Mentorship

Ubisoft is holding its mentorship program again this year. Female producers who live in Canada with a media production background in film, television, digital media,

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