Razer Core Brings All the Power of a Desktop to a Laptop

| Mar 17, 2016
Razer Core Brings All the Power of a Desktop to a Laptop 1

The new Razer Core has been announced with price and availabilities.

The graphics card enclosure will cost $399 along with the purchase of a Razer Blade Stealth or a Razer Blade. The enclosure itself will sell for $499. You can pre-order one starting in March from the Razer Store and the device will begin shipping in April.

The enclosure is compatible with the AMD Radeon 300 Series and the NVIDIA Maxwell chipsets.

The Razer Core is a special enclosure for graphics cards so that even a laptop can run those high-end, demanding games. Simply install your graphics cards and plug the Core to your laptop. The Core needs no tools to install your chipsets and it’s aluminum case promises to be all the protection you need.

With the Core plugged into your laptop, it will not only charge the internal battery, but it will be like using a desktop with the new computing power that’s available to you.

A full list of specs and compatible cards can be found here.

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