Red Dead Redemption Fans Grow Excited as Rockstar Teases Alleged News

Red Dead Redemption Fans Grow Excited as Rockstar Teases Alleged News 1

Red Dead Redemption is, by far, one of the most popular Rockstar Games releases outside of Grand Theft Auto. Released back in 2010 to enormous critical acclaim, the game emphasized killer open-world gameplay with memorable storytelling. Taking place in the Wild West at the turn of the 20th century, the game casts the player as John Marston, an ex-outlaw sent by the federal government to wipe out the last of his old posse. For the longest time, fans have been hoping for a sequel to the original game. Now, Rockstar seems to be teasing a new addition to the series.

Originally, Rockstar Games posted a red Rockstar Games logo on their Twitter page on Sunday, with a red background mirroring the art style found in Red Dead Redemption. The image suggested that some sort of announcement was on its way. Then, earlier this morning, Rockstar posted an image of seven armed figures with guns walking in the horizon, brandishing rifles and pistols in a Wild West background.

At this point it is hard to tell what could Rockstar be teasing. It seems unlikely a Red Dead Redemption remaster is about to be announced, in part because of the sheer number of characters teased in the photo. A Red Dead Redemption origin story may make sense, but that isn’t entirely in Rockstar’s style: Their games tend to be separate from one another, only loosely connected through cameos and shared locations. So it seems more likely that a new story with a new cast of characters is coming from the studio.

Although, there could always be multiple announcements by Rockstar Games. Remember, a Red Dead Redemption remaster for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC was rumoured to be in development last month. A brand new Red Dead Redemption release would be a great way to promote the title Rockstar is teasing, especially if the new title comes to PC. Stay tuned as more news develops.

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