Riot Games Buys Radiant Entertainment

| Mar 8, 2016
Riot Games Buys Radiant Entertainment 1

Radiant Entertainment has just been acquired by Riot games, the makers of League of Legends.

For what reason specifically is unsure, but Tom and Tony Cannon, leaders of the Radiant team, want to assure fans that Rising Thunder and Stonehearth will continue to receive support. While Rising Thunder’s alpha will be coming down on March 18, Stonehearth is promised to continue receiving its frequent alpha releases as they motor away at the crowd-funded title.

The team is also moving ahead on a new and as of yet, unannounced game. Little is mentioned in Radiant’s post about about the acquisition and only the future can reveal what’s going on, but it’ll be interesting to see where this buyout will go and what it’ll produce.

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