Risk of Rain for PlayStation

| February 23, 2016
Risk of Rain for PlayStation 1

The indie rogue-like title, Risk of Rain, that popped up on PCs back in 2013 is slated for an early release this year on PlayStation consoles.

The developers, Hopoo Games has teamed up with Code Mystics to bring the brutally hard 2D rogue-like to the PS4 and PS Vita with some new features.

The console version of Risk of Rain is using the PlayStaion Network to bring players together as they go online to team up against the hardships the game throws at you. Players can also get their couch buddies to play too now that local co-op is being added. The developers also promise that the online matchmaking process is going to be extremely quick and easy. They’re even adding lobbies so you can make sure you’re getting all your friends in.

Cross-play is available so that Vita players and PS4 players can get together, no matter the console.

No solid release date yet, but stay sharp, it’s in the forecast this quarter.

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