Robert Downey Jr Sheds Light On Status Of Third Sherlock Holmes Movie

| March 12, 2018
Robert Downey Jr Sheds Light On Status Of Third Sherlock Holmes Movie 1

Fans of Robert Downey Jr’s Sherlock Holmes series of movies who have been anxiously waiting for the third installment can take a breather, as the actor confirmed in a recent interview that the film is still in production.

It has been over seven years since Robert Downey Jr portrayed Sherlock, with the release of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows in 2011. The next time fans heard anything of the series was in 2016 when a report from Variety revealed that Warner Brothers took on a massive staff of writers to come up with a new script for the third installment. Variety’s report also states that Jude Law will be coming back to reprise his role as Dr John Watson, alongside Guy Ritchie as director.

The latest news from an interview with EW, in which Downey mentioned that the film, amongst 40 other projects were in the works for the renowned actor, in addition to his long-standing commitment with Marvel Studios.

“I’m having a good time, though I decided to give myself, like, 40 additional challenges, like a Welsh accent — which even Welsh people say is hard to do. Then there’s all this stuff down the pike. We’re looking at another Sherlock Holmes; we’re developing Perry Mason for HBO. I still want to do Pinocchio.”

He went to talk about his work after finishing up shooting Avengers: Infinity War and added, “When I’m done with this, if you hear I’m not taking a break, call me and tell me I’m crazy.”

Downey also took the time to mention that his wife, Suan Downey now helms his production company, Team Downey, which is currently producing The Voyage of Doctor Doolittle.

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