RWBY: Grimm Eclipse — Definitive Edition Gameplay Revealed

| Apr 21, 2021
RWBY Grimm Eclipse: Definitive Edition Gameplay Revealed
Aspyr and Rooster Teeth have provided a closer look at RWBY: Grimm Eclipse — Definitive Edition, the Nintendo Switch port of their four-player hack-n-slash adventure.

The new release, out May 13, includes the base game and its three years of downloadable content in one comprehensive package, plus new features. Players can step into the shoes of Ruby, Weiss, Blake, or Yang—or Team JNPR, originally released as DLC—and experience a fully canon story developed by the series’ creators. The fully-voiced campaign pits the protagonists against a new foe, an evil scientist called Dr. Merlot.

Rwby: Grim Eclipse - Definitive Edition Brings The Core Game And All Of Its Dlc To The Nintendo Switch May 13.
RWBY: Grim Eclipse – Definitive Edition brings the core game and all of its DLC to the Nintendo Switch May 13. (Aspyr)

The Definitive Edition includes both two-player couch co-op and four-player online co-op. Among the new DLC are the cast’s Volume 7 outfits and “exclusive, never-before-seen Power Armor,” as well as previous DLC outfits like pajama packs. For a challenge, players can take on the alternate game modes Horde Mode and Grimm Gauntlet, taking on waves of enemies or building defense turrets.

To commemorate the launch, Rooster Teeth is giving away three ultimate RWBY prize packs, valued at $1,000 each, including:

  • A limited edition Alpha Beowulf statue
  • Grimm Street Fight print art set by artist Yin Shian Ng
  • Semblance Sumi-E weekender bag
  • A RWBY x Ein Lee Ruby pint glass set
  • A Team RWBY throw blanket
  • A one year subscription to Rooster Teeth First
  • A digital copy of the game for Nintendo Switch

To enter, head to Winners will be announced the week of May 13, the same week the game hits the Switch eShop.

Check out the new gameplay trailer here:

Hot off their port of Star Wars: Republic Commando, Aspyr is handling the Switch version on behalf of Rooster Teeth, the studio behind the hit anime. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse began as a fanmade project by Jordan Scott, before the project was acquired by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth. It officially launched in July 2016 after six months on Steam Early Access and received periodic updates until November 2019.

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