Sea of Thieves Exciting Limited Adventure: Shrouded Islands Sets Sail Today

| February 17, 2022
Sea of Thieves Exciting Limited Adventure: Shrouded Islands Sets Sail Today

In a new narrative-based plan, Sea of Thieves will have monthly limited adventures for swashbucklers looking for lore, and the Shrouded Islands starts today.

Pirates on the long seas should prepare themselves to set sail on a new expedition today. The Shrouded Islands is a limited adventure based in the Sea of Thieves waters, and it starts for all pirates today.

Rare also notes that players who have missed former adventures will be treated to a handy dandy recap on what they may have missed, which is key for those who abandon the seas every now and then. The story primer also includes past events that have happened, so new players will be able to join in on all the fun easier than ever.

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The new Shrouded Islands expands on the lore of the most certain thing in the sea, death. When a player dies, they are taken to the Ferry of the Damned, but sometimes, under the right conditions, pirates trapped in the Sea of the Damned can make it out and cause havoc amongst the living again flooding the Sea of Thieves with those that have met their untimely end. Phantom pirates without haunted gold and the Black Pearl ahoy.

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The Black Pearl in Sea of Thieves

To start the Shrouded Islands, fans can visit Larinna the leader of the Bilge Rats, she will summon the player over when waltzing near the tavern and inform them of the details of any new adventures once they surface during the month.

Captain Flameheart, the Pirate Lord, and the mysterious appearance of Belle will be approached in these new adventures and expanded on like never before, and seeing as how Captain Flameheart has no physical form due to the events of ‘The Seabound Soul’ Tall Tale, he fits right in with the phantoms and can summon other ghost ships alongside his ship The Burning Blade.

The Shrouded Islands takes place starting on February 17th till March 3rd, and adventurers can delve deeper into the lore of the Sea of Thieves then.

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