Sega teases new Sonic game

| Apr 7, 2011

Earlier today, Sega released a trailer that hints at new untitled Sonic game.

Sonic’s Facebook page now features a new trailer that seems to be teasing yet another Sonic the Hedgehog title. The video begins with your typical Sonic fare as the blue hedgehog runs through an area that looks like the Green Hill Zone from the first Sonic The Hedgehog, although the colour is somewhat limited and things get even stranger when Sonic is joined by another Sonic. The second Sonic hearkens back to the days of the Sega Genesis, and the two Sonics then proceed to sprint towards the screen until the scene fades and says that something is “Coming 2011” for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

Nothing else is known about the new title, although it might have something to do with Sonic’s upcoming 20


anniversary (June 23). There have been rumors of a Sonic Anniversary game that will remake classic Sonic levels for current consoles, and the recently registered Sonic Generations only adds to the speculation. Sega will probably be sharing more information relatively soon, so we’ll keep you updated once we get a more official announcement.

Source: Facebook

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