Sennheiser Announces Audio For Video Lineup

Sennheiser Announces Audio For Video Lineup 5

Sennheiser, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of headphones, loudspeakers, microphones and wireless transmission systems, is launching their Audio For Video lineup that will appeal to content creators everywhere.

Their line up includes The MKE 400, XS Lav Mic and Mobile kit and will bring everything a creator needs to the table with the quality needed to produce professional audio, even on the go.

Sennheiser Mke 400
Sennheiser MKE 400

The MKE 400 is a compact shotgun mic that will deliver crisp, clear audio to DSLR/Ms and mobile devices. Senior Product Manager at Sennheiser, Kai Lange, touched on the updated device, “Now, the new MKE 400 lets users experience how vastly it improves in-camera audio, lifting storytelling to the next level and wowing audiences. We’re replacing the well-known and much loved MKE 400 with this new model, and even die-hard fans will agree that the latest version surpasses the original in many ways. The new MKE 400 now also features a headphone monitoring output with volume control, has a rugged internal shock-mount, clever internal windscreen and automatic on/off function, plus it comes with ample accessories included.” The MKE 400 is fitted with a cold-shoe mount allowing for universal mounting atop your device of choice, and its light-weight, compact packaging will ensure you’re ready to go wherever you are.

Sennheiser Xs Lav Mic
Sennheiser XS Lav Mic

Sennheiser also announced it’s XS Lav mic, specifically designed with content creation in mind. “Just clip on Sennheiser’s new XS Lav mic, connect it to your mobile device or computer and start rolling. Whether you’re podcasting, recording a voice-over, interviewing or vlogging – this omni-directional clip-on mic will deliver clear and natural sound. Available as XS Lav Mobile with TRRS connector, XS Lav USB-C with USB-C connector, and XS Lav USB-C Mobile Kit with an additional Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod and Sennheiser Smartphone Clamp.”  The XS Lav is powered by your smartphone or computer and will automatically switch from the internal mic, making it completely hassle-free.

Sennheiser Mke 400 Mobile Kit
Sennheiser MKE 400 Mobile Kit

Rounding out the big launch is the release of various Mobile Kits. These kits will be ideal for vloggers and content creators that use their smartphone as their main tool. Sennheiser has announced four kits to choose from; MK 200 Mobile Kit, XS Lav USB-C Mobile Kit, MKE 400 Mobile Kit and XSWD Portable Lav Mobile Kit. Each kit includes a Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod and Sennheiser Smartphone Clamp. For creators who already have their microphone of choice, the Mobile Kit is also available as its own accessory.

Sennheiser has developed their Audio For Video lineup with vloggers, podcasters, filmmakers and content creators everywhere in mind. The need for quality audio is ever growing and Sennheiser continues to offer compact and affordable solutions with excellent audio standards. 

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