Sense8 To Get Two-Hour Finale In 2018

Sense8 To Get Two-Hour Finale In 2018 2

Sense8, which got cancelled in Early June of 2017 by Netflix, following the end of season two will now receive a special two-hour episode that will properly end the popular series.

The new special will air sometime in 2018. The news of the upcoming special broke on the official Facebook page for Sense8. A letter was posted by series creator Lana Wachowski. The letter began by thanking the countless fans of the series and that they were aware of the outcry received once after Netflix broke the news that Sense8 was cancelled.

The letter ended with the announcement of the two-hour special. Interestingly enough, the announcement of the new special for Sense8 comes after Netflix put up a response to their initial announcement in regards to the cancellation of the show. Netflix made it clear in the follow-up report that it would be very unlikely for Sense8 to continue.

Sense8 To Get Two-Hour Finale In 2018 3

It was reported that each episode of Sense8 cost an estimated $9 million to produce, making it one of the most expensive Netflix produced shows of all time, which might have contributed to the premature demise of the beloved series. For those who may have never watched an episode of the Netflix Original, Sense8 tells a tale of 8 strangers who are connected with each other through telepathy.

The group eventually discover that they are connected to each other, and can influence and control one another in something called a Cluster or “Sensates”. The series was praised for its eclectic and diverse cast of characters, ranging from different religious, races and walks of life. The Show premiered in 2015, the follow-up conclusion is set to release sometime in 2018, currently, it does not have a release date.

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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