Shadow Warrior 2 Sets a Release Date

| September 2, 2016
Shadow Warrior 2 Sets a Release Date

The more I think about it, the more I am divided in my opinion of 2013’s Shadow Warrior remake. The game is crass, pandering, and monotonous at the worst of times, but genuinely funny at its best. So, when Flying Wild Hog’s sequel received an official release date, I’m not sure how to feel.

Developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Devolver Digital (Known for their eccentric taste) appear to have upped the ante for this upcoming sequel. Shadow Warrior 2 promises to be bigger than its predecessor in every way, boasting larger, open environments for series protagonist, Lo Wang, to do his shooting and slicing in. This entry sees Wang as “a reclusive mercenary on the edge of a corrupted world.” The over the top nature of Shadow Warrior juxtaposed with ridiculously self serious characters and action has always been what I have enjoyed about the series, and that facet seems well rooted in place both by this announcement trailer, and the fact that they are referring to October, the month that Shadow Warrior 2 should be releasing, as “Wangtober” (That’s not even a pun.).

Low hanging dirty jokes aside, of which there are many, the trailer is certainly visually appealing, though its hard to be excited over one lacking any gameplay footage. Furthermore, the promise of online 4 player co-op could add a lot to the game. This seems to be the perfecting pairing to the rude commentary so common in online multiplayer these days.

The esoteric first person shooter/slicer will be coming to the PC on Oct 13, 2016 and should be making its way to consoles in early 2017. For those of you eager to get your stab happy mitts on it, a playable demo will be at PAX West this weekend, booth 2443. Attendees will receive a custom skin for coming to see them and if it’s not a cardboard tube samurai I might cry.

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