Shadow Warrior 3 Revealed in Hilarious Teaser Trailer

| July 6, 2020
Shadow Warrior 3 Revealed in Hilarious Teaser Trailer

A first trailer for Shadow Warrior 3 was posted by Devolver Digital and Flying Hog ahead of its summer showcase, with series staple Lo Wang returning with a thud. The teaser showed Wang on his way to the studio’s real showcase event.

YouTube video

Wang also broke the fourth wall to reveal new gameplay features, including refined wall-running, grappling hook and tweaked first-person melee combat against supernatural enemies. He also comes with a few new powers which were cut short by a middle finger to enemies. But it’s also suggested Shadow Warrior 3 would be made with next generation in mind through the trailer’s in-engine details.

The crude humor featured across the series is also back with a self-aware twist. It’s also sewn into a plot featuring Lo Wang and Orochi Zilla hunting a dragon they accidentally released. Its two-character premise could also teased the return of a coop mode from Shadow Warrior 2, setting two bumbling ninjas loose instead of one.

Devolver is also promising a live gameplay reveal for Shadow Warrior 3 as part of its showcase lineup on July 11, 2020 at 12:00 PM PT and 3:00PM EST.

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