Shenmue III Development Update

Shenmue III Development Update 6

The official Shenmue III website updated fans with new information pertaining to the highly anticipated title.

The biggest piece of news is that the game’s developer Ys Net, headed by Yu Suzuki will be in attendance at Gamescom 2017. The Germany-based conference is slated for Aug. 22, 2017, which falls on a Tuesday and will end on the 29 which is a Saturday.

Other updates relating to Shenmue III include a logo change, which primarily consisted of a new typeface that looked more like calligraphy. The update stated that fans were welcome to give feedback on the new logo for the title, which suggests that the developers are really trying to cater to the fans of the long-running series.

Shenmue Iii Development Update

Finally, a look at some the games character models were shown off. They appeared to be fully rendered, sans the textures. Overall, Shenmue III seems to be slowly, but surely coming along in its development since its reveal back at E3 2015. For those who have never experienced a Shenmue game, the series was Sega’s foray into open-world game design. The first title came out all the way back in 1999 for the Sega Dreamcast and was praised by the community for being revolutionary in terms of game design.

Shenmue was one of the first games that utilized quick time events, something that for its time was unheard of it. The story follows the exploits of Ryo Hazuki, a young teen who returns to Japan to his family’s Dojo, only to be witness to his father’s murder by the hands of a mysterious Chinese man.

Lan Di, the man that killed Ryo’s father demands that he is given a mysterious artefact known as the Dragon Mirror, which is buried outside under a cherry tree. Ryo promises to avenge his father and find out exactly who killed him. The follow-up, Shenmue II launched in 2001 in Japanese and European territories, however, due to the Dreamcast being on its way out, North American gamers did not receive the title until 2003 when it hit Microsoft’s Xbox. Shenmue III is slated to release for the PlayStation 4 and Windows platforms.

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