Silent Hill Invades World of Tanks

Silent Hill Invades World of Tanks

Silent Hill is popping up in many places this Halloween – first in Dead By Daylight Mobile, and now in World of Tanks.

Starting today, a special Halloween event in the long-running MMO vehicular combat game will feature showdowns with “armored monster tanks of mysterious origin” in 5-player platoons. A town known as Mirny-13 appears to have vanished, amidst rumours of paranormal activity, and players will progress “through four changing worlds” to uncover the truth.

Silent Hill Invades World Of Tanks
World of Tanks players will investigate a Silent Hill-style mystery in this year’s Halloween event. (

Wargaming enlisted help from Silent Hill‘s Art Director and Monster Designer, Masahiro Ito, and composer Akira Yamaoka, for the event. Ito designed the event’s reward skins, while Yamaoka created a “haunting ambient track for the event hangar.”

“Working on this year’s Halloween event for World of Tanks was a very interesting and rewarding experience,” Ito said. “The combination of the passionate artists at Wargaming and our shared vision for a unique and frightening event made this all possible.”

World of Tanks Global Publishing Director Max Chuvalov added, “Inspired by the imaginations of both Ito-san and Yamaoka-san – we’ve let our team run wild for spooky season, with a custom event map and a unique co-op mechanics; this PVE event will be unlike any other. But beware, those who go it alone will do so at their own peril. Teamwork is key this Halloween, and it is the only way to vanquish your frightful foes.” 

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Since launching in 2010, World of Tanks has expanded to include an arsenal of over 600 historically-accurate armoured vehicles from 11 nations. Throwing the surreal horror of Silent Hill into World War II tank combat is an unusual direction, but should provide a spooky change of pace for fans. (It’s nice to see someone paying attention to Konami’s forgotten franchise, after all.)

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