Sims 4 Announces New Mini DLC

Sims 4 Announces New Mini DLC 1

EA and The Sims 4 have released a new, tiny version of their normal DLC packs called kits. These kits have less content, but also a smaller price point to allow players to enjoy something new without breaking the bank. The company has released 3 new kits, described as “mini collections of content” on the The Sims 4 official site.

EA has often been criticized for its microtransactions. They use the purchase model in many of their games, including popular titles like FIFA and Madden earning the company nearly one billion dollars in the third quarter of the fiscal year 2020. The Sims 4 itself has been known to run people as little as $5, but with all the DLC packs plus game expansions, a collector can find themselves spending more that $700 on the game in total if they want to collect it all. Fans aren’t thrilled with EA, but the numbers alone show that they’re eating it up.

The three new bundles included a Throwback Fit Kit bringing retro gym clothing to the game, a Country Kitchen Kit full of vintage kitchen furniture, and the strangest one being the Bust The Dust Kit bringing dust to your Sims home that is seemingly alive. Your Sims will be able to clean the dust piles up, or leave them be and watch them turn into friend or foe. The pack will come with two new aspirations for your Sims as well, Filthy and Fabulous and Perfectly Pristine. The official trailer is on YouTube now, including footage of how you can pet your new dust bunnies.

Microtransactions don’t seem to be going away and even though fans keep complaining they’re still buying them.  The Sims 4 Kits are available now for $6.99 CAD on Origin, Steam, Xbox and PS4. The mini DLC is about half the price of their usual pack, leaving something for everyone, even on a budget.

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