SnapShot VR Brings High Level Paint-balling to PC

| July 28, 2020
SnapShot VR Brings High Level Paint-balling to PC 2

Giant Scam Industries, which unlike their namesake promises to deliver well-crafted games, just released their anticipated VR arena shooter, Snapshot VR.

SnapShot VR is a faithful yet arcade-inspired VR shooter that takes the sport of paintballing and brings it into the world of virtual reality. The game features incredibly fast matches, that typically only around a minute, making the game particularly appealing to those who are serious about paintball or are in the mood for a fast VR shooting experience. SnapShot VR also features a robust level editor, allowing endless opportunities in creativity and approach to gameplay.  The team over at Giant Scam have brought their 10 years of real-life paintballing experience and expertise into the game, meaning those who have a passion to paintball will appreciate SnapShot VR. A trailer for the game be viewed down below:

YouTube video

Talking specifics, SnapShot VR will feature authentic NXL or National Xball inspired levels in addition to original creations made by both the developers’ and fans alike, thanks to the inclusion of the aforementioned level editor.

SnapShot VR aims to please not only just the diehard paintball enthusiasts out there but also new players that might not be familiar with the sport. 

Giant Scam ensures that SnapShot VR’s training mode will give players an easy and painless way of training against targets both static and on the move, which should allow anyone an easy way to familiarize themselves with the fast feel of SnapShot VR. 

A copy of all the key features per the press release can be viewed down below: 

  • Designed for Virtual Reality: Snapshot VR has been built from the ground up as a multiplayer, arena-shooter experience for the VR platform, from the player’s movement to the aiming and shooting
  • Lean, Fat-Free Multiplayer: Snapshot VR features quick, intense rounds that require deft planning, strategy, and teamwork, but lets players get right into the action without having to run across a giant map or spend half the match hiding in a bush
  • Physics-Based Projectiles: In order to properly mirror and emulate the real sport, each round fired in Snapshot VR follows a realistic arc and trajectory, which makes developing the right timing and accuracy all the more important
  • I Like Charts and Numbers: In order to truly maximize one’s abilities and likelihood for success, post-game analysis is vital. Thankfully, Snapshot VR provides a bevy of metrics and information to help teams tweak their strategies and focus on winning.
  • Unlimited Map Diversity: Whether using maps based on real-world NXL layouts or something wholly original, the sheer variety of bunker shapes and placement provides endless possibilities for experimentation with 2D Paintball’s Field Creator.
  • Practice Without Pain: Using the map integration with 2D Paintball, players can add both moving and stationary targets to training maps to practice shooting and run drills in either single or multiplayer

“We are stoked to finally get Snapshot VR into the hands and headsets of players,” said Jesse Keogh, Founder and Lead Engineer at Giant Scam. “We’ve been working night and day to bring a polished and, most importantly, fun multiplayer experience to VR platforms and can’t wait for players to get involved.”

SnapShot VR is available now, exclusively on Viveport Infinity and will launch September 1st on Steam.

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