Sonic Origins is Launching on PC and Consoles on June 23rd

Sonic Origins is Launching on PC and Consoles on June 23rd

Sega has announced that Sonic Origins will launch on current gen platforms on June 23rd.

The 2D retro collection will come with all the major 90s classic Sonic games including Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Sonic 3 & Knuckles, and Sonic CD.

The collection will feature remastered versions of the games which will be playable in Classic Mode, which presents the games in their original presentation like back in 1991. Another playable mode is the Anniversary Mode, which lets Sonic fans play these games on a new full-screen display with unlimited lives and other unannounced enhancements. In addition, players can complete all-new in-game missions that reward the player medallion which can be used to unlock content in the collection’s digital museum. Most notably, the release date of the collection is the exact day of chilli-dog eating hedgehog’s 31st anniversary.

Below are the Sonic Origins remastered collection’s pre-order bonuses and DLC, plus what is included in the standard and deluxe edition:

  • Sonic Origins: Start Dash Pack – Digital Pre-Order Bonuses (Standard or Deluxe)
    • 100 Medallion Bonus
    • Mirror Mode Unlocked
    • Letter Box (Mega Drive Pattern)
  • Sonic Origins– Digital Standard Edition – $39.99
    • Main Game
  • Sonic Origins Digital Deluxe Edition – $44.99
    • Main Game
    • Difficult Missions Added
    • Letter Box
    • Characters in Main Menu
    • Island Camera on Main Menu
    • Character Animation in Music Playback
    • Exclusive Tracks from Mega Drive Titles
  • Sonic Origins: Premium & Classic Sound Packs – $3.99
    • Exclusive Tracks from Mega Drive Titles

The news of the collection isn’t too much of a shock as Sega hasn’t been too quiet about Sonic Origins‘ upcoming release with the title being previously rated and a PlayStation listing showcasing some artwork that was only available to Australia or New Zealand PlayStation accounts. Last summer during an interview with Japanese website 4Gamer, Sonic Team head, Takashi Iizuka, revealed that the team is working on a collection to make the 2D games more accessible for a new generation of Sonic fans and wouldn’t run on an emulator and would be entirely new ports.

Sonic Origins is releasing digitally on June 23rd on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, the base version will cost $40 at retail.

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