Sonic The Hedgehog Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Merch

Sonic The Hedgehog Celebrates 30th Anniversary With Merch
Sonic The Hedgehog is speeding into his thirties as SEGA is launching a new wave of merchandise to celebrate the history of gaming’s blue speedster.

In a release, SEGA stated they will be creating a special line of books, toys, collectibles and comics in ode to Sonic, who first appeared in 1991. Since then, he had spawned an iconic game series and other media which grew the franchise. His interest also came to viewers on the big screen following his live action debut in Sonic The Hedgehog.

“Over the past 30 years spanning multiple generations, Sonic fans have created memories with their speedy Blue Blur,”SEGA America Chief Brand Officer Ivo Gerscovich stated. “In order to commemorate the most iconic elements of the Sonic universe, we have partnered with some of the top licensees in the industry to produce collectible Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise that our enthusiastic and loyal fans can cherish for years to come.” 

Sonic The Hedgehog Celebrates 30Th Anniversary With Merch

The lineup starts with Sonic Encyclo-Speed-Ia by Dark Horse Comics, giving fans a hardcover glossary of definitions, characters and other terms used across the franchise across decades. It also gives context behind Sonic’s surprisingly rich lore beyond the games. Funko will also be releasing a line of Pop! Vinyl figures featuring Classic Sonic and friends Silver, Shadow, Tails and other powered versions of the Hedgehog. The figures continue with Jakks Pacific launching some action figures and plushies for younger fans growing up with the franchise, while older collectors can spend a bit more on Sonic’s jewelry collection from King Ice. This will blend the game series with “Hip-Hop influence” which adds 3D design to rings, necklaces and other hand-set stones.

A clothing line featuring the character and his 30th anniversary will be decorated across t-shirts, jackets, pants and other accessories from Graph Gaming exclusively in Spring 2021. Fans looking for more lore will be getting a new Classic Sonic comic mini-series from IDW Publishing in both English and Spanish options. FiGPiN will be creating a special edition of pins collectors can get their hands on and official eSports drink grand G FUEL is also getting in on the fun. Its special re-launch of peach will come as Sonic’s Peach Rings flavour with an exclusive “30th anniversary collector’s box in 2021.”

SEGA has also promised more Sonic the Hedgehog announcements on top of their roadmap for their mascot’s 30th anniversary.

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