Sonos Reveals First Smart Speaker Capable of Multiple Voice Services

Sonos Reveals First Smart Speaker Capable of Multiple Voice Services 2

Sonos unveiled an all new smart speaker today, the Sonos One.

Electronics developer Sonos announced today that they will be launch a new smart speaker capable of supporting multiple voice services. Planned to release later this month, the Sonos One will be able to play music, audiobooks, podcasts and a variety of other content from over 80 different streaming services.

Available at launch, Sonos One will work with Amazon Alexa to offer full voice support for Amazon Music, iHeartRadio, Pandora, SiriusXM, and TuneIn. Voice control with Alexa will also work for Spotify on the Sonos One but it will not be available right away. Additionally, Alexa can also be used for all of its other AI assistant tasks such as checking the weather or setting alarms. Users will be able to update Amazon Alexa’s software through regular cloud updates.

Google’s own AI assistant will also be making its way to Sonos One sometime next year, making it the first smart speaker capable of hosting multiple voice services. Sonos One users will be able to enjoy all of the features that Google Assistant performs on other devices.

“We live in a golden age of streaming entertainment, but so much of this great content is being pushed through smart speakers that aren’t designed with sound quality in mind.  With our open approach to collaboration, agnostic approach to voice services, the strength of our many innovative partners, and a sound platform designed for the whole home, we’re helping people listen more and listen better.” said Sonos CEO Patrick Spence.

In addition to both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, Sonos announced that Apple’s Airplay 2 will be supported on Sonos devices in 2018. Airplay 2 will allow for any sound on an iOS device, including audio from video streaming apps, to be played across any of Sonos’ speakers. Apple’s AI assistant Siri will also be enabled in order to control music and sound levels.

The Sonos One will be available on October 24, priced at $199 USD. Pre-orders are available now and can be placed at Sonos’ official website.

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