Square-Enix Layoff Continues: This Time It’s Europe

| April 29, 2013
Square-Enix Layoff Continues: This Time It’s Europe

The downsizing of Square-Enix’s employees continues as the company’s Europe location is the latest to suffer a number of staff layoffs.

Square-Enix UK released a statement to MCV and CVG today, acknowledging the “changes to the UK office, which will affect personnel”. It was revealed on April 3 that the publisher had let go of a number of its employees at their Los Angeles location, and foreshadowed the same fate at the European and Japanese divisions.

Square-Enix is currently restructuring their company with recently appointed president Yosuke Matsuda undertaking a complete review. Matsuda plans to capitalize on resources that contribute to Square-Enix’s success, and weed out the unnecessary and unsuccessful. The restucturing will also hope to rectify Square-Enix’s Western titles’ failures to meet overachieving expectations, despite selling well. 

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