Steve Okimoto has left Nintendo of America

| Jan 27, 2016
Steve Okimoto has left Nintendo of America 1

LinkedIn is a unique place, build as a social network for business, it acts as a giant CV of many people within the games and other industries. It also is an interesting resource for finding details about who is with, or not with any given company.

In a recent update to LinkedIn by Steve Okimoto Senior Manager of Developer Relations at Nintendo of America, he has apparently left NOA and moved on to other things. In the update, he states “I took an Early Out from Nintendo, and am looking at opportunities to begin my next career.”

For anyone that does not know, Steve Okimoto managed developer relations from 2010-2015 at NOA, in that time he worked with developer outreach, 3rd party tools, Product Evangelism, and Third Party Technical Support. He has worked at Nintendo since 1991 and had worked with third party relations of NOA with the Game Cube, and the Wii and worked as Sr Manager of 3rd Party Relations during the Wii U.

Some amazing games have come though Nintendo in that period, and this is sure to be a shake up at Nintendo. No word yet on who will be replacing him in the role of Developer Relations.

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