Nintendo’s E3 2014 Presentation Recap

Nintendo's E3 2014 Presentation Recap 3

The final conference at E3 has finally come to a close just before E3 finally begins today. How did Nintendo’s non traditional press conference go? Read on to find out.

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U will allow Miis to enter the clash. The Mii Fighter comes in three different styles; The Brawler fights with their fists, the Sword Fighter uses a sword, and the Gunners use a hand cannon like Samus.

-Also shown was Nintendo’s new Skylanders like figures known as Amiibo. These figures can be placed on the Wii U gamepad and transfer data into the game. In Smash Bros. the more you fight with them, the stronger and better they’ll become. The figures constantly update the data contained inside of them.

-A developer diary for Yoshi’s Wooly World was shown as well as some gameplay. The game is a successor to Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and like it will feature a two player co-op mode. The game will launch some time in 2015.

-The Captain Toad mini levels form Super Mario 3D World will get a stand alone game called Captain Toad’s Treasure Tracker, coming in 2015.

-A short announcement for the new Legend of Zelda game was told by franchise veteran Eiji Aonuma. Much like A Link Between Worlds, the new Wii U Zelda game won’t have a set path with puzzles and exploration. A short trailer was shown where Link was chased by a giant flying squid thing, firing lasers. Link eventually leaps into the air and fires some futuristic looking arrows at the creature. The new Wii U Legend of Zelda game will launch in 2015.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire will launch worldwide on November 21st.

-Some brand new footage for Bayonetta 2 was shown before gameplay of the original game was shown which featured Bayonetta wearing Nintendo costumes. Both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 will launch on the same disc in October of this year.

-Both Princess Zelda and Midna were confirmed as playable characters in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. Zelda uses a light blade as well as light arrows, and Midna uses a stone wolf that resembles Link’s wolf form from The Legend of Zelda: Twlight Princess. Hyrule Warriors launches on September 26th in North America.

-A sequel to Kirby Canvas Curse was announced in a gameplay trailer. Kirby Rainbow Curse has a claymation art style and will launch on Wii U in 2015.

-A new story trailer for Project X was shown, and the game has been retitled to Xenoblade Chronicles X. It will launch on Wii U in 2015.

Mario Maker will allow players to create their own levels in the original Super Mario Bros. game, as well as in New Super Mario Bros. Wii U. The palettes between the two can be swapped at any time while editing, which allows players to see their creations in 8-bit and in HD. It will launch some time in 2015.

Splatoon is a brand new multiplayer IP. Players will play as squids in human disguises and face off in 4 v 4 online shooter battles. Players will have to shoot as much paint around the level as possible to win. Players can jump into their own team’s paint to get around the area faster. The game will launch in 2015.

-The goddess Palutena from Kid Icarus is a character in the new Smash Bros. games.

-Nintendo also teased Star Fox U to be announced later today.

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