Straight Up Films Reveals Thief Movie

| May 12, 2017
Straight Up Films Reveals Thief Movie

Straight Up Films has announced that the latest entry in the Thief franchise will also be getting a movie adaptation for the big screen. 

For those who may have never played or heard of Thief, the series first released all the way back in 1998, titled: Thief: The Dark Project. Since then the series has gotten numerous sequels, with the latest entry in the series coming out in 2014, simply titled Thief, the game acted as a reboot for the franchise.

The original Thief was the first game ever to utilize light and sound as a gameplay mechanic, which lent itself to the emergent and stealthy first-person nature of the game, something that is now commonplace in games of the genres (Splinter Cell, Metal Gear Solid). Gamers took the role of a master thief, named Garrett, players were encouraged to use stealth as they snuck in with the objective of stealing, usually from someone highly guarded or important.

The new movie is listed as action adventure under the genre listing, it should be interesting seeing the direction the movie will take considering that the source game focuses on slower, methodical stealth based gameplay. The studio mentioned that a new game is also currently set to release alongside the movie, currently Square Enix, the series publisher has not said anything about a new Thief game.

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