Suikoden Trademark Renewed By Konami, Fans Temper Hopes

Big Suikoden Trademark Renewed By Konami, Fans Temper Hopes

Konami has recently renewed its trademark for Suikoden, way before its TGS 2022 showcase lands on September 16.

The most striking part about this trademark news — besides that it happened at the end of July — is the TGS 2022 Konami lineup which has a very suspicious listing, and a beloved voice actor from the Suikoden series. The TGS 2022 listing for an unannounced title can be found below.

Suikoden Trademark Renewed By Konami, Fans Temper Hopes
Trademark filing back in June

15:30 to 16:15 – Konami New Title Announcement Stage – A Konami new title announcement in which voice actor Yuki Kaji is invited on stage as a guest to represent fans of a world-loved series title.


Yuki Kaji is a huge name for fans of the huge RPG series, as he has voiced Jowy Atreides in Suikoden II and has appeared in other huge JRPG titles, including voicing the main character in the Ys series, Adol Christin. This could be interpreted as selective placement, considering Kaji’s voice acting chops have been well honed over the past two decades, with many prominent roles in anime as well.

Suikoden Trademark Renewed By Konami, Fans Temper Hopes

There’s also another nightmare scenario for fans of the series, as Konami has revamped beloved titles in other ways besides mainline entries. Metal Gear Solid 3 has notoriously received a poorly received pachinko machine, and there was the Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls title that released for iOS. Fans have voiced this possibility on Twitter, to their chagrin. @sackchief remarks “Suikoden phone game lets gooo” with clear sarcasm.

There’s another angle to look at, Konami has recently rereleased beloved Castlevania titles with the two collections that have landed last year, and with the state of attempting to play the authentic Suikoden II being a multiple hundred dollar affair on resale websites, releasing a Suikoden collection can also be a worthy venture for the series.

Either way, the huge TGS 2022 event will start on September 15 and run until September 18, with Konami landing on September 16.

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