The Incredible Hulks comes to an end in August

| May 13, 2011

Hulk says goodbye to writer Greg Pak after five years.

Marvel has released a teaser image for The Incredible Hulks #635, the issue that will mark the end of writer Greg Pak’s five-year run and the end of the series itself. The book will go on sale in August and will be an oversized issue filled with extras celebrating Pak’s run on the book.

Pak’s last story, “Heart of the Monster,” will have major consequences for the Incredible Hulk and those close to him, and we’ll see what happens when the monster inside Bruce Banner finally says, “Enough.”

Greg Pak joined the series with the ‘Planet Hulk’ storyline in 2006 and he introduced a number of big changes over the course of several years. It’s certainly been entertaining – with Pak at the helm, the Hulk was alternately a savage monster, a king, and a (sort of) family man – and while it’s sad to see Pak go, it’ll also be interesting to see what Marvel does with the character moving forward.

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