The New Dub Of Neon Genesis Evangelion Debuts On Netflix

| Jun 21, 2019
The New Dub Of Neon Genesis Evangelion Debuts On Netflix

The full original Neon Genesis Evangelion saga, show and canon films included, debut on Netflix today with a new English dub.

For a long time, the original run of Evangelion sat in licensing limbo, receiving no further Western releases than the first. That all changed late last year when Netflix announced that it would be adding the Evangelion show, Death (true)² film, and The End of Evangelion “true ending” movie to its lineup. This came with much rejoicing, as English fans could finally watch the show legally again and set aside the recent declining series of reboot films.

However, pulling the show out of purgatory came with a cost: the old subtitles and ADV dub have been discarded. Fly Me To the Moon, the iconic ending credits song, will also be missing in this new release. New subtitles for multiple languages have been constructed and a whole new English dub has been recorded, but some fans will still be disappointed that the original Eva they remember has been relegated to anime-viewing websites and piracy.

We’ll be able to evaluate (and hopefully enjoy!) the new Neon Genesis Evangelion dub on June 21st. The upcoming Evangelion 3.0+1.0 film (hello, Kingdom Hearts) is due to conclude the modern Eva film quartet sometime in 2020.

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