Titanfall beta ‘possible,’ according to Respawn

Titanfall beta 'possible,' according to Respawn 1

The alpha phase for the first-person-shooter, mech-warrior hybrid is still ongoing, but according to Respawn Community Manager, Abbie Heppe, a beta release could be in the works.

@abbieheppe do you think, that we will get an open beta for titanfall? 🙂

— Sebastian Z 73 (@_SEB_73) January 18, 2014

@_SEB_73 it’s possible

— abbie heppe (@abbieheppe) January 19, 2014

The possibility of an open beta would dramatically increase the consumer audience, who could not only test server stability, but provide a stream of feedback. Game developers’ relationship with alpha/beta testers has proved to be a huge success with many titles, most recently with Bohemia Interactive’s DayZ, which not long ago, reached a player count of one million through the Early Access version. Despite the fact that the alpha version of DayZ is still mostly a ‘bare bones,’ version of the game – as described on the game’s Early Access page – the ongoing connectivity between consumers and game makers has attracted an enthusiastic audience set on shaping the game into a fun, and functional experience.

For a big-budget title like Titanfall, which is arguably one of the most exciting upcoming exclusives for the Xbox One, an opportunity for players to get their hands on the game before its Mar. 11 release would only prove to be beneficial. No matter how polished a game may seem, players will always find that one annoying bug, and will always have things to say that could very easily prove to be an opportunity to make the game better. One thing to look out for during a potential beta phase for Titanfall, would be the functionality of limiting six human players per team, and combining them with 42 AI bots, a concept that was met with skepticism during its announcement.

Alex Coop
Alex Coop

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