Titmouse, Trigger to Create Indivisible’s Opening for Lab Zero Games

| December 6, 2016
Titmouse, Trigger to Create Indivisible's Opening for Lab Zero Games 1

Lab Zero Games’ upcoming RPG Indivisible is about to get a helping hand from a major anime studio. Kill La Kill creator Trigger is joining Titmouse to work together on developing an opening animation for Indivisible.

As Crunchyroll reports, Venture Bros. and Superjail creator Titmouse will work on storyboarding the opening animation for the Skullgirls developer. From there, Trigger will animate the opening and create a behind-the-scenes exploration of the video’s production. The site also reports that Yoh Yoshinari, the director of the popular Little Witch Academia franchise, will also direct the opening. No news yet on specifics behind the opening, but with Trigger involved, it’s safe to say that it will be visually stunning.

Indivisible originally began as an Indiegogo backer project in Oct. 2015. Amidst an extended deadline, Lab Zero was able to raise 124% of their original goal, bringing in $1,969,005 total funds USD by the end of the campaign. A side-scrolling RPG that draws on the likes of such series as Final Fantasy and Valkyrie Profile, the game follows Ajna, a rebellious young woman who uses Incarnations to adventure through the world after warlords ravage her town.

Originally estimated for a January 2018 release, the Indivisible campaign’s stretch goals have already led to additional music from Secret of Mana composer Hiroki Kikuta for the game. Originally, Trigger was listed as a “Mystery Anime Studio” that would work on the opening during the campaign. And while Lab Zero noted that they had “a commitment for production,” Trigger had “requested we keep its identity under wraps until things with Indivisible are further along,” Lab Zero explains in their original campaign.

Indivisible currently has a prototype demo available, which can be downloaded for Windows, Mac and Linux on the game’s official website. Demos are also available on PlayStation 4 and Steam, with localization for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian and Japanese.

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